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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Now that I'm travelling will my blog be interesting?

To my regular reader, apologies for my blatant lack of inspiration when it comes to blogging. But hopefully now that I'm travelling I'll have something interesting to say... ;-)

I'm in the Korean airport about 3 hours away from getting on a plane to London. I wouldn't have come online except that - you'll love this - I forgot to get the cellphone number of the person I'm supposed to be meeting in London! That's Mark Chambers, for those in the know. My disorganisation knows no bounds... But hey, it makes travel exciting.

London's pretty big, and even Euston station is a good place to lose someone. Thankfully Google Maps came to our aid: we're meeting at the north-eastern corner of this funny square with white dots on it.


I wonder what it looks like from ground level? Hopefully it's not the roof of a factory or something.

Spending a night in Korea was fun. I went out with Lou's old work-mate, Christine, her boyfriend Josh, and two Canadian friends of theirs who are also over teaching English. One of them was called Clara, the other one I forget, sorry about that!

We went to a Korean BBQ, which was lots of fun. They put a barbeque hot-plate thing in the middle of your table and the food cooks in front of you. And they give you all the sides you need. My favourite was wrapping a piece of pork up in a sesame leaf and big slice of radish. Sitting on the floor eating from a low table was a mission, my old bones can't bend that way for a long period of time.

Soju is the national drink, it takes like diluted sweetened vodka. It's about 20% alcohol. Everyone told me it wasn't very nice but I had to drink it... I didn't think it was that bad. Still, I didn't exactly pack any in my suitcase.

So, yeah, Soju shots with dinner is a great way to start things, and we went to a bar with penises for bathroom door handles after that. Yeah... And a few drinks later, I worked out that I had been awake for over 24 hours, and having now proved my manhood to myself and those around me, it was time for bed.

Hablo Espanol, es mui bueno! Pero tengo ir a volar a London y Barcenola, antes puedo desir mi hermosa novia!
I speak Spanish, it's very good! But I have to fly to Londand and Barcelona before I can tell my beautiful girl.

Okay, I admit I had to look a couple of words up in my phrasebook to get that one done, still, not bad considering I started learning on Monday :-P

That's enough for now, I've got 20 minutes left of my internet but if there's one thing I think I know how to do, it's entertian myself behind a geek-box.

'til next time!



  • I like the way your one attempt at Spanish broke your brain regarding English.


    "El noobio"

    We're having a party this weekend. You and your feijoa vodka should be here.

    By Blogger Bel, at 3:16 PM  

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