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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Comedy of errors

So, remember how I said "I hope it's not the roof of a factory or something"? Turns out it was. No big deal, Chambers discovered this prior to our meet and suggested that I meet him outside the south entrance. Solid.

I landed in London, paid my 14 pounds for a Heathrow Express ticket, and got on the train. My cellphone decided it was time to die at that point, but, no big deal, Chambers and I had already decided on a meeting point. I caught the Tube to Euston Square. Found the south exit, and got out.

No Chambers.
No cellphone batteries, no Chambers.
No fucking idea where I am, no cellphone batteries, no Chambers.


So I find a pay-phone and give him a ring. I'm all like, "I'm outside the south entrance, and, umm, the building next to me is 235 Euston Rd. Where the hell are you?" and he's clearly as confused as I am. "235? Aaah, stay where you are I'll try and find you." The phone at my 2 pound coin in its entirety. Bastard!

So I sit down at the edge of the road, on my pack, with a gigantic sign that says 'mug me'. Not really too keen on waiting for Chambers' tracking skills to lead us to victory, I call him again, and we come up with a better plan - I'll meet him at the Burger King in the station. At least that way, I can ask locals how to get to said King.

Success! As it turns out "Euston Square" and "Euston" are two different stops. :-P

We head down to the tube station to go to Archway, where Chambers lives. We get on a train, and after one stop he looks out the window at the station name and says "Aaah, we're going the wrong way." Off we get!

"You know I'm going to blog about this, Chambers"

We get to his flat, and I can take my pack off and have a shower. Yay! Chambers' flat is really nice, by the way, and the couch is comfy if any of you other kids need a place to stay in London. ;-)


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