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Saturday, December 09, 2006


Okay, so for a moment there I forgot that the primary purpose of travelling is to provide entertaining stories to the folks back home. Sorry guys, won´t happen again :-P

I´ve been in Barcelona for 5 nights now. As expected, there was cheesy romantic music playing when I saw Lou at the airport. She was looking super-foxy. I walked through the door to give her a big hug and then realised that it was a security door and they wouldn´t let me through. My luggage was still inside.

I blame Lou.

Of course, after a bit of waiting around on an empty stomach, taking in the ever-so-slightly-strange-but-mostly-wonderful situation that was finally seeing Lou again after all these months, all was well.

We´re just entering our 6th and final night in Barcelona; I suppose I should tell you a bit about what I´ve been up to. I have 5 minutes left on my internet, let´s see how I go...
  • We spent a day travelling around Gaudi´s more famous architectural odds and sods. This man´s work is pretty crazy; very organic and colourful. La Sangria Familia is extremely impresive.
  • The Sangria after which I misnamed Gaudi´s masterpieces is a far more basic pleasure. Sweet fruity drunkeness ensued more than one. Lou thought she would die, and discovered the magic of antacids.
  • Tapas are more fun than a hole in the head, and a good way for savvy tourist-traps to steal all of our money. Thank goodness we could hide the bill behind my credit card.
  • We climbed Montjuic, the jewish mountain, today. Much more peaceful; relatively deserted outside of the tourist season and saw a castle and the Olympic stadium.

1 minute, 43 seconds to go. I should probably stop and publish now. Tomorrow we´re off to San Sebastian.




  • Hah, Sangrias and Gaudi.

    Ah - how I miss barcelona.

    Nice one.

    B+ for this blog post.

    By Anonymous Andrew, at 9:13 AM  

  • Hot sauce!
    Lou has super luggage-forgetment inducing powers... awesome.

    All sounds grand - tho i have no idea of these sights, sounds, tastes you speak of - therefore can't wait to see the pics, of which there are no doubt a billion.

    Hurrah! :D

    By Blogger Bel, at 10:24 PM  

  • Post some photos of Lou Lou.... I want to see her being oh so super foxy of course!

    Wooooo I passed all my papers sam-bo! And jess looked very pretty at her wedding on Saturday!

    By Anonymous Casey, at 4:17 PM  

  • Sometimes I am overwhelmed by coincidence. While reading your blogging, I was at the same time watching Charlie Rose and guess who one of his guests was......Richard Serra, no less.....now isn't that a hoot/

    I have in-law relatives in Gijon and Arriondes, when I was last there the Guggenheim was must opening and didn't get there.....still hoping.

    By Blogger graysmoke, at 8:45 AM  

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